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Corum Replica

We have been anticipating a watch to celebrate the partnership between a Swiss luxury brand Corum Replica, and Miami HEAT since December 2010. Corum Replica has finally unveiled its first King Power Miami Heat Chronograph watch, a unique piece that brings together the best of the two brands. The limited edition of 200 pieces will be sold. The proceeds from the sale of these watches go directly to Miami HEAT Charitable Fund to benefit South Florida.

The Miami Heat watch is made of 18-karat King Gold, which is gold alloyed with 5% platinum. The number 48 appears on the watch three times. I don't know if this is a coincidence. A new movement is housed in a large case of 48mm diameter, which features a 48-minute central counter that simulates four 12-minute basketball quarters. The flawless movement has a power reserve of more than 48 hours.

The chronograph features two hands mounted centrally. The chronograph has two centrally mounted hands. One measures 60 seconds, and the other counts up to 48 minute. Between 4 and 5 o’clock is a small date window. The minute and hour hands are skeletonized, allowing you to see the intricate maze of mechanisms that work together to ensure high precision.

On the back of this first piece, which is numbered 000/200, you can see the numbers of all Miami HEAT players in Jersey font.

The bezel is a basketball net,Breitling Replica Watches and the chronograph pusher was inspired by the shape. On the dial, it has used the team's color red. The dial features a HEAT Logo and the back of the case is inscribed with "Miami Heat". The rubber strap is finished with a texture that looks like the surface a basketball.

The Corum Replica comes in a limited-edition Corum Replica box inspired by basketball. Each piece includes an authentic Miami Heat Jersey signed by Udonis Hasselm.